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Collegeville Diner  
290 E Main St | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 409-9600
Hey it's a diner, so that means I expect nothing super fancy in the decor, decent(but not gourmet) food and friendly/reliable service at reasonable prices. Based on that criteria I'd have to say...

416 W Main St | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-8686
One of my favorite places to hang out and do some day drinking! They have great specials on the weekends during lunch time and they recently built an outdoor bar area which also cool to...

Specks Drive In
3969 Ridge Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-2110
A local jewel that many people don't know about. The chicken is addicting and the coleslaw and burgers are great. They've changed their menu over the years to keep new things coming in and offering...

Collegeville Italian Deli II  WWW.COLLEGEVILLEDELI.COM
3846 Ridge Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-1850
We had a mishap with the dehumidifier in our basementconsequently in my attempt to pull up the area rug I needed to get rid of some junque.on my way to the thrift store I passed...

The Pizza Stop
222 E Main St Ste 14 | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-6225
Pizza Stop has been around since I was a kid growing up in Collegville and the owners have always been about serving great food at a good price. The pizza is the best in...

Marzellas Pizza
488 E Main St | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-4946
I have to disagree to some points of Jumpman. The pizza is very good, made with quality ingredients. Yes, maybe some service issues. I'd say call ahead, plan ahead. But I really love the pizza,

Roccos Pizza of Collegeville
201 2nd Ave Ste 117 | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 831-0100
My go to place for pizza in Collegeville. So good! I love their brick oven pizza, and get it often. Great slightly crispy crust, delicious sauce, and lots of toppings to choose from. But the...

3835 Germantown Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-9886
Romantic atmosphere with fabulous food. The portions are huge. Our first experience this weekend was top rate and we will be back for more. No American Express so be...

My Friends Tavern
Marketplace Shopping Ctr | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-1808
Friendly staff. Great food specials! Free buffet every eagles game. Great prime rib too. Check it...

China Jade
Rt 29 | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 454-1188
We've never eaten at China Jade, but have had take out on a handful of occasions. The General Tso's chicken is good, as is the seafood combination. Nothing to write home about, just your typical...

Austin Beverage
3905 Ridge Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-9432
I would rather make the extra trip to austin beverage than getting beverages at the grocery store. The have such a large selection and many great prices and specials. All for Austin...

Moorehead Caroline T Inc
40 E 1st Ave | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-2631
These people catered my wedding I would definitely recommend them for anyone either if it is a party or a wedding! The people were great and the whole day I didn't even realize that dinner...

Bravo Pizza
130 W Main St Ste 118 | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-4271
Bravo pizza has some pretty tasty pizza & subs - the cheese steaks aren't bad either. They have a pretty good sized seating area compared to most pizzerias. It's a local college student hang out...

3801 Germantown Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 831-9240
This place is not very clean, the tables are too close together, the wait staff is difficult to track down and the pizza is not really good. We also had the stromboli and we would...

Tortugas Mexican Restaurant  
305 2nd Ave | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-0600
Best Mexican food ever! There fresh salsa is amazing. There pick 3 combo is a good deal and so much food you will definitely be taking home left overs. Great service, great atmosphere. I love...

315 E Main St | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-7282
Solid 4 starsi have driven past this place umpteen times and was always curious about what it was exactly.i think part of my confusion was due to the fact that there used to be a...

Gypsy Rose Hotel and Restaurant  
505 Bridge Rd. | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-1600
They are bankrupt now. Beleive me, I know...

Bombay Kitchen  
3960 Germantown Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 489-3200
Like many other Indian restaurants this one suffers from temperamental cooks as well. I went on a weekday with friends and family for the buffet. The food was very very average and avoidable.

Francos Pizza Family Restaurant  
3815 Ridge Pike | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 409-0780
I've always enjoyed Franco's.For lunch or dinner, it never has disappointed me. Actually this is one of my top Italian restaurants. Being Italian, I have had my fair share of pizza from...

Sidewalk Cafe  
305 2nd Ave Ste 8 | Collegeville, PA 19426 | (610) 454-9911
There is a great new restaurant in Collegeville. They have wonderful, healthy and vegetarian options. You should definitely check-out this restaurant.


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